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One of the most controversial topics when it comes to teeth whitening is how often should you whiten your teeth. Some sources say that you should whiten your teeth every six months to a year depending on how you do your teeth whitening treatments. For example, if you go to a dentist to get your teeth whitened do to the fact that dentists generally use higher amounts peroxide you aren’t going to need to whiten your teeth as much. Some say when you go to a dentist you shouldn’t need to whiten your teeth at least for a year if you use teeth whitening kits such as smile sciences teeth whitening kit because they usually have a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide so you might need to perform the teeth whitening every six months, please check out our smile sciences teeth whitening review if you’ve haven’t already. With that being said there are several factors that contributes to how often you might need to whiten your teeth.

Eating Habits

What you eat plays a significant role as to how quickly your newly whitened teeth will fade back to yellow. One thing that comes to mind is the color of the food that you’re eating because a lot of the foods that we eat usually has some type of food die to change the color of the food. This can have an impact not only on the color of our teeth and the overall health of our teeth. Also when it comes to food the more acidic your food is the more plaque buildup it will cause which will lead to yellowing. So that means that if you have a diet based off of mainly vegan/vegetarian type foods then your teeth will stay whiter longer than those of a person that likes to eat meat. So the first tip when it comes to keeping your teeth whiter and making it last longer is to make sure that you try to eat food that is more alkaline in nature.

Drinking Habits

Just like with the food that we eat the food that we drink also has a huge role as to how quickly the whitening fades from our teeth. One of the biggest culprits of causing our teeth to become yellow quickly is drinking coffee. Coffee is incredibly staining and most people drink coffee at least once a day every morning and if you happen to be one of those people then you could kiss your pearly white’s goodbye. Well not completely, one thing you can do if you drink coffee is to drink it through a straw. The coffee will still get on your teeth but not nearly as much as if you drink it directly from a mug and therefore you can slow down as to how quickly your teeth discoloration starts. But coffee is not the only culprit there is too many to list such as red wine and various types of teas. One solution is to brush your teeth immediately after drinking or eating anything.


Not only is smoking bad for you but it’s also bad for you newly whitened teeth due to the fact that smoke contains tar, causes plaque to form and last but not least contains nicotine which is one of the major culprits for teeth yellowing for people who smoke. If you have no plans to quit smoking, then I highly suggest you buy a vaporizer because not only could help you quit smoking but it doesn’t contain all the harmful chemicals that would cause your teeth to become yellow like with tobacco smoke.

Enamel Strength

Having weak enamel means that your teeth will get yellow not only quickly but more frequently. Enamel acts like a shield for your teeth which protects it but over time your enamel start to get weaker depending on your diet as well as your age. So this can be one of the reason why your teeth keep getting yellow in a short span of time. Some teeth whitening kits offer enamel reconstruction gel but honestly I do not know if it has been clinically proven to be effective in helping rebuild your enamel.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

This one might be the most overlooked facts and yet one of the easiest ones to help keep your teeth white. Having regular teeth cleanings from your dentist is super important because it helps remove any plaque buildup above and below the gum line which is essential.

Following the advice above will certainly help cut down on how often you need to whiten your teeth.

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